• Infrared Attack

    Infrared attack with LED light effect

  • Intelligence Recognition System

    OLED OLED module and visual recognition camera

  • Servo

    2 large-torque and high-precision servos

  • Electronic Scoring

    Electro-magnetic induction with infrared receiver

  • Omni-directional Motion

    GJS Patented Chassis Structure, equipped with 4 high-speed wheels and high-performance omni-directional wheels.

Product Specs

SIZE 170mm x 170mm x 160mm

machine weight 730 g

turret angle horizontal 0-160°/span>

  pitch 0-90°

material aluminium allay


battery 7.4V 2000mAh

Supported mobile phone system iOS / Android

LED LED lights in two parts(legs.back)

camera resolution 300,000 pixels

visual identity range 50cm-2m

internal sensor infrared sensors、magnetic sensor

method WIFI

Operating frequency 5GHz

max transmission distance 70 m